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Premiere Select tour team (United Kingdom and Germany):

Premiere Sports, LLC proudly congratulates the 2006 Premiere Select Team on the their successful trip to the UK and Germany. The 2006 Premiere Select played 5 games with 2 in the UK and 3 Germany. The 2006 Premiere Select travel team is the most traveled Premiere Select team to date proving themselves to be true "Road Warriors". Germany article1, Germany article2, Germany article3, Germany article4.

(From left to right): O. Morgan, L. Sharp (from Philadelphia), M. Louis, J. Oxton, I. Bradshaw III, and R. Mitchell.


It is already a good time: 2006 Premiere Select enjoy a moment upon arrival outside the London Airport and later with the coach of the London Capitals (Pete Deppisch-far right) and his star guard from Texas (far left).


Politics as usual: Shooting guard/small forward O. Morgan is congratulated on his solid performance by the team owner of the London Capitals Brandon Bethel.


The team is here: 2006 Premiere Select enjoy the sunshine in Germany with the general manager, M. Geisseler, of team MBC and later he prepares for the game's events with 2 championship trophies illuminating the foreground.


2006 Premiere Select relax in the lobby of the Hilton hotel before a pre-game workout.

Is that in euros or dollars?: J. Oxton, I. Bradshaw, and L. Sharp from Philadelphia grab a bite to eat during another beautiful day in Germany.


WE WANT PREMIERE!!: J. Oxton, O. Morgan, I. Bradshaw, and M. Louis show their fan appreciation after a great game in Germany.

International bond: 2006 Premiere Select with MBC post game.



Keys to success: 2006 Premiere Select players, J. Oxton, L. Sharp, O. Morgan, and R. Mitchell advise the future stars of Germany during the 2006 MBC Basketball Clinic featuring the Premiere Selet players.

Only one #1: J. Oxton shows his team how to calmly demonstrate who is the victor after a fun intrateam competition in the 2006 MBC Basketball Clinic featuring 2006 Premiere Select team.


Everybody is a winner: 2006 Premiere Select pose with the participants of the MBC basketball clinic featuring the Premiere Select players.


A sponsor's dream: The 2006 Premiere Select team with Jena general manager, S. Hausdörfer, and POM owner, Dr. M. Hascher, at a mall in Germany.


What are the strong qualities of the 2006 Premiere Select travel team?: They have...


















and Courage.

Premiere Sports, LLC would like to sincerely thank all the participants in making the 2006 Premiere Select team such a great success. Our thanks and gratitude go out to: S. Scherpiet (#13), and her father Siggi, M. Geissler and MBC, S. Hausdörfer and Jena, POM owner, Dr. M. Hascher, Hilton managers J. Landan and K. H. Hibscher, B. Bethel and Coach P. Deppisch of the London Capitals, Coach K. Kirby of the Solent Stars, N. McElduff of the Westhert Warriors, Dr. J. Fluhr, photographers C. Waitschies and T. Eppelin, and O. Heck. To all our friends in the UK and Germany we thank you and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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