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Premiere Select tour team (Germany and Czech Republic 2007):

Premiere Sports, L.L.C. proudly congratulates the 2007 Premiere Select Team on the their successful trip to Germany and Czech Republic. The 2007 Premiere Select tour team played 6 games, 4 in Germany, and 2 in the Czech Republic. Germany article

(From left to right-hometown in parentheses): M. Ifill (Boston), O. Morgan (Boston), V. Johnson (Atlanta), K. Mickens (Virginia), M. Hadley (Indiana), and T. Apkan (Portland, Oregon).


Early start: M. Hadley enjoys a stop over in New York city before joining the 2007 Premiere Select team.  video


Just like home: 2007 Premiere Select team meet in Dublin and take in the familiar surroundings of the McDonald's in Ireland.


"Hello Dublin": The 2007 Premiere Select team perpare to go and later see the sights in downtown Dublin.


Irish cuisine: The 2007 Premiere Select team relax at a local restaurant.  video1  video2

"One jump shot away": O. Morgan and K. Mickens imagine the good life at a display in the connecting flight in London.

#1 Fan: A premiere fan in London.  video

Great reception: Chemnitz general manager, Rayk Lorz, and his nice assistant show the team to their lodging.


Inspiration: M. Hadley and K. Mickens guide campers on team work, while M. Ifill and O. Morgan instruct on the need to know the fundamentals.

Concentration: Chemnitz general manager, Rayk Lorz, prepares for the evening's events.


Pregame excitement: Chemnitz and 2007 Premiere Select remain focused before tip-off.  video





Game Time!

Hand delivered: T. Apkan is met by representatives of the Dreseden team.


Next stop: Premiere players are met by Decin assistant manager, Lukas, glance at their new surroundings, and M. Ifill becomes a good will ambassador to a young fan.


On the way: 2007 Premiere Select team have a nice view on their way to the game versus Decin, and M. Hadley signs an autograph for an eagerly awaiting fan.


Game time:  video K. Mickens proudly poses with Decin players, but also former fellow Pfeiffer University teammates.


Already GREEN: Germany shows why they are one of the world leaders in having an eco-friendly environment with the windturbines that seem to touch the sky. And nearby, there is a nice sized amusement park.



MBC/Premiere Select basketball clinic 2007: K. Mickens signs autographs for his young fans, M. Hadley points out the importance of court awareness, while in the background V. Johnson gives some hints on ball handling. M. Ifill excites his campers with some fun shooting competitions, and all campers are enthused and focused with the guidance of the 2007 Premiere Select team.


Mutual support: After a great game against team MBC, the fans show their pride for their home team, while also acknowledging the efforts of the Premiere Select players, V. Johnson and K. Mickens.


No rest for the weary: M. Hadley looks to stay active, while V. Johnson and O. Morgan work to remain strong before the next game in Dusseldorf.


"Little Paris": M. Ifill, K. Mickens, and Vince Johnson await a quality meal, and Tony, mangaer of the well-known International Sports Arena, gives the team a good send off after an entertaining stay in Dusseldorf (known as the "little Paris" in Germany).

Premiere Sports, LLC would like to give a special thanks to Ryak Lorz, his assistant, and Chemnitz; Coach Thomas, and the Dresden team, special thanks to Lukas, and the Decin team; special thanks to our good friends Martin, assistant Pascal, and the entire MBC organization; Coach Gary Sheppard, the Dusseldorf Magic, and manager Tony and his staff at the International Sports Arena; and to all the fans. Thanks for your support and making it a successful tour. We look forward to seeing and competing again soon. All the BEST from Premiere Sports, LLC.

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