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2012 Premiere Camps in Washington, DC, Philadelphia, and New York in June 2012
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The cost for the 2012 Premiere Camps is $250 USD pre-registration, and $275 USD late registration. For Premiere Alum, players who have attended previous Premiere Sports, LLC events, the cost is $225 USD. And the few players who have been chosen and competed on the Premiere Select Tour teams, the registration fee is $200. *Online registration will begin in March 2012.

Players do not have to attend all Round A Premiere Camps to be selected to attend Round B. However, a player is welcome to attend and register as often as he likes.The Premiere Camp (Round B) will be held for 1 day in Philadelphia after the conclusion of all Round A camps.

There will be no additional registration cost for the players selected to attend Round B.

2012 Premiere Camp registration:

Philadelphia (June 16 - 17)

Washington, DC (June 23 - 24)
New York (July 7 - 8)

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