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2011 Premiere Camp in Philadelphia, PA on November 11, 2011
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The cost for the 2011 Premiere Camp is $125 USD pre-registration, and $150 USD late registration. For Premiere Alum, players who have played in the Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League, the cost is $120 USD. And the few players who have been chosen and competed on the Premiere Select Tour teams, the registration fee is $115. Online registration will begin on October 24, 2011.

The registration fee includes a Premiere t-shirt, player profile added to our Premiere site, pro workout and evaluation, information session (realities of pro basketball in Europe and outside the US), games and/or scrimmages, and most importantly, an opportunity to be discovered.

The Premiere Camp is a competitive evaluation of the camp attendees. The Premiere Camp allows the selected top performer(s) the opportunity to step directly into a playing opportunity with teams that are looking for an immediate impact player. The top performer(s) will be chosen by the coaches in attendance and a Premiere Sports, LLC representative.

The top performer selected on November 11 will earn an opportunity for the Premiere Sports, LLC highly coveted "career builder." The Premiere Sports, LLC "career builder" includes: 1. a guaranteed flight to and from Germany via NYC departing NYC for Germany on November 25, 2011; 2. *monthly salary (minimum of 1 month); 3. lodging for a minimum of 1 month in Germany; 4. local transportation to and from gym and home lodging in Germany; 5. a local mobile phone number in Germany; 6. access to international agents. The Premiere Sports, LLC "career bulider" provides a guarantee for the top performer to be placed into an immediate professional opportunity.

Players planning to attend should have their passports ready or be familiar with the process of obtaining a passport. The top performer will have his flight booked to depart NYC and arrive in Germany on November 25, 2011 the weekend after the Premiere Camp on November 11, 2011. There will be no extensions if he is not ready to fly on November 25.

With teams only having played about a one-third of their season by this point, coaches and teams will be in search of "game breakers." A player who can change the outcome of a game and even possibly turn a season around.

Premiere Sports, LLC has confirmed attendance from German coaches and other European representatives.

The workouts and games will be recorded and uploaded to the Premiere Sports, LLC website and all players will have individual profiles.

* - monthly salary will be in the $1,000 range and the top performer will receive during the month of December 2011.


Who: Current and aspiring professional players

What: 2011 Premiere Camp

When: November 11, 2011, 11 am to 6 pm.

Where: Philadelphia, PA (area) Philadelphia Sports Club, 1 Highpoint Drive, Chalfont, PA

How: Pre-registration is $125, late registration is $150.   registration

online registration concludes on Wednesday, November 9.

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