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Brace Yourself. The Future Is Near.

One Game * One World * One Premiere

"If I get more than 30 points the next game, I will win the scoring title. It shouldn't be a problem, I am averaging 25 points a game (in Europe). Well, it was the Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League that got me in the door to play (professionally) and I thank you for that." - D. Allison (2001), Premiere Alum & professional in Germany, Czech Republic, USBL, CBA, ABA, & EBA.

"Premiere Sports, LLC is doing a good thing. The stats I got from Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League helped me out a lot." - C. Adams, Premiere Alum (2002) & currently playing in England

"I just wanted to let you know that I appreciate Premiere Sports, LLC for letting me attend the Finland overseas trip." - J. Harrell, Premiere Alum (2004) & played professionally in England.

"Haven't talked to you since the trip. Thanks again for that opportunity. I'll never forget Premiere Sports, LLC for that." - S. Hodge, Premiere Alum (2004) & played professionally in England & Mexico.

Coach Gibson’s Comments (Trip to Finland): "I thought the game was a lot of fun for both our team and the community. It was nice for our guys to have a little different schedule this week with a Wednesday game. It was also good to get all our players involved in the game and was good for me to be able to try different combinations. Even though we were not as good defensively as we have been it was nice to see us get some crucial stops late in the game which helped us force overtime. I really hope that we can do this again next season with Boston Premiere Sports, LLC ." - G. Gibson, Premiere Alum (2003 & 2004/Coach) & currently coaching in Finland.

"I am intereseted in the Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League." - Sigurður Hjörleifsson, agent (Icebasket) in Iceland.

"I have heard some good talk about the Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League and some people talking about entering the league from far and wide." - Coach D. Chatzky, Premiere Alum (2004/Coach & Pro Official) & former USBL Coach and Kosovo Coach

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2020 HBCU Men's Senior Invitational to be held in Washington, DC on April 4-5. more

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