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Summer Pro League

The 9th Annual Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League will be played at the the campus of the Massachusetts College of Art & Design in Boston, MA. The league will be played in July 2009. There will be at least 2 4 games played a night. College and high school players hoping to retain their collegiate/amateur status will not be eligible.

The Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League is strictly a professional league for current and aspiring professional basketball players. Only players who have either completed their collegiate eligibility or have declared themselves eligible for the NBA draft or no longer have amateur playing status will be allowed to participate in the league.

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Game dvds and highlight dvds are available.

Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League

Team registration ($210 deposit) is necessary and the balance or total is due before the team's first game.

Note: Online registration and pre-registration concludes on July 1, 2009.

The league will comprise of 24 (maximum) teams with 10-man rosters.

Veteran's registration is available to the players who have competed in at least 4 Premiere Sports, LLC events, i.e. the Premiere League or Premiere camps (European or US).

For more information, please contact us.

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9th Annual Premiere Exposure/Education Summer Pro League

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