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Premiere Select travel team (Iceland 2005):

Premiere Sports, LLC proudly congratulates the 2005 Premiere Select Team on the their impressive trip to Iceland. The 2005 Premiere Select played 6 games in Iceland in Septmeber 2005. Is this the best Premiere Select ever assembled? 2005 Iceland newspaper, 2005 Iceland newspaper photo, 2005 Iceland newspaper article, and 2005 Iceland Review.

(From left to right): J. Hinton (from Arkansas), D. Greene, M. Kimble, A. Drain (from Houston, TX), G. Nolley (from North Carolina), and R. Pittman, Jr.

2005 Iceland Game Review

Premiere Sports traveling team results - September 17, 2005 Eurobasket article (Iceland Express) - by Siggi Hjorleifsson (Icebasket).

Premiere Sports traveling team visited Iceland last week and played 5 games against Superleague teams and 1 against div 1 team. Premiere Sports won five of these games.

Players on the team were:

A. Drain (Agent IceBasket) Average in the tour 15.4 ppg. 3.2 rpg. 1.6 spg 3.2 apg.

D. Greene (Agent M. Maye) Average 19.7 ppg 3.7 rpg. 2.2 spg. 2.0 apg.

R. Pittman, Jr. (Agent IceBasket) Average 23.5 ppg. 9.4 rpg. 1.7 spg. 1.2apg.

G. Nolley (Agent: IceBasket) Average 16.2 ppg. 10.7 rpg. 2.2 spg. 1.0 apg.

J. Hinton (Agent: IceBasket) Average 9.9 ppg. 3.5 rpg. 3.5 spg. 1.7 apg.

M. Kimble (Agent: IceBasket) Average 7.2 ppg. 4.0 rpg. 1.0 spg. 0.9 apg.

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